inMeXes API Spec.

You can use inMeXes functions from your program by obtaining a result in the JSON format or in a "JSONP" way. The followings are its specification.

qQueryAlphanumeric and white space.
dMax. # of returns0 - 500, default is 15.
oSearch options
  • 'incl': search for expressions that include the query
  • 'begw': search for expressions that begin with the query
  • 'endw': search for expressions that end with the query
default is 'incl'.
jEnables JSON formatReturns JSON data if setting to 1 (CORS enabled).
cName of a call back functionAlphanumeric, underscore, and dash. Up to 50 letters, default is 'pmhits'.
Return (Just the JSON argument returns if j=1)
<Name of the call back function>({"hits":[
     ["<Result 1>","<Frequency of the result 1>","<Related research area 1>"],
     ["<Result 2>","<Frequency of the result 2>","<Related research area 2>"],
     ["<Result n>","<Frequency of the result n>","<Related research area n>"]]});
A result example of the above example:
pmhits({"hits":[["be associated with","99862","Neoplasms / Neurology / Medicine"],
     ["be associated with the","14421","Biochemistry / Neoplasms / Neurology"],
     ["be associated with a","10623","Neoplasms / Neurology / Medicine"],
     ["be associated with an","4776","Neoplasms / Medicine / Neurology"],
     ["be associated with increased","3058","Neoplasms / Cardiology / Medicine"]]});
When an invalid argument is given, a call back function with an empty argument is returned. The name of a call back function is replaced with the default one when its length is too long. (Ex, "pmhits({})")
A sample code
Be sure that the div tag id is "inmexes:dist". This example does't care related research areas of each result expression.
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<input type="text" id="inmexes:query" onkeyup="inmexesQueryJP(" />
<div id="inmexes:dist"></div>
1.20 (2018.10)

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